Jason Jägel

(I'll Fly) Into Your Heart

April 1, 2010 - May 26, 2010
FIFTY24SF, San Francisco, CA

FIFTY24SF Gallery, in association with Upper Playground, presents I'll Fly (Into Your Heart), a solo exhibition by Jason Jagel.

Jagel displays his record cover work honestly as a vehicle for getting closer to the musicians that have directly inspired his work. Ultimately, that vehicle brings the focus of the show back to childhood days in the 70’s and 80’s, wherein inventing superheroes and reading comics, Jack Kirby, arcade games, cable TV, radio shows, records and tapes were Jagel’s major preoccupations. The show also features a sneak peak into the work that will be featured in the upcoming MF DOOM, Operation: Doomsday box set reissue.

Regarding the title Jägel says: “I'll Fly (Into Your Heart) reminds me of the style of certain ’60’s soul songs where the inserted parenthesis creates multiple, simultaneous titles from one. It also appears as a statement of first-person dialog, leading the questions: Who or what is flying? To whose heart? For good purposes or ill?” Evident in this statement and throughout Jason’s work is a preoccupation with slippery meanings and storytelling.